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By Anonymous
Another lovely thing about this totally fantastic, very well-designed, not at all hair-rippingly frustrating and totally not unfair and stupidly designed boss fight is that it has one of my favourite tracks in the game, but you can't even appreciate that because it resets every single time you break a root, everything about this boss is so fun and well designed! (Spoilers: it's ****ing not, every aspect of this fight other than aesthetics is utter dogshit)
By Anonymous
Dark Soul 2's dirty and broken hitbox cousin.
By Anonymous
This boss made me want to self harm
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By MatinArtorias
I was a pyromancer when going to face this sh!t. I thought I'll directly fight the witch of izalith herself and our battle would be a true Agni Kai between two of the greatest "firebenders" in all of Lordran,but I was f***ing wrong
By Anonymous
This Boss better than whole game of Sekiro :)
By Anonymous
I can agree with you. Sekiro is bad game
By Anonymous
Sekiro is a masterpiece, plain and simple.
By Anonymous
"Nooo you don't understand it's not psychological torture under the thin veneer of a video game, you just need to git gud!!!!!!"
By Anonymous
I died because the bed of chaos is not dark souls it Mario platforming combined with a cranky mutated witch the loves spamming fire and slapping you in to holes.
By Anonymous
quit and reload when getting the first and second branches so you dont have to walk over to the other ones
By Anonymous
I just realized after ten tries on this abomination, that only masochism makes me going on...
By Anonymous
This "boss" killed me more times than anything else in the whole trilogy until I learned how to cheese it... I remember my first time playing the game the only way I managed to get past it was by tanking the stupid swipe spam with a greatshield, and even then I still got killed a handful of times by getting swiped while falling to the branch... Budget cut or not, there's no excuse for this boss to rely on platforming shenanigans instead of just having a regular healthbar.
By Anonymous
Spoken like someone who has never managed a project in their life
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