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By Anonymous
Such cool lore squandered by a disappointment of a boss.
By Anonymous
Something that isn't mentioned many places is that there are differences between the left and right side, and the order in which you kill the two roots changes the rest of the fight significantly. If you go left first then getting the root on the right is harder, same for the left one if you kill the right one first. Just something to keep in mind for people going through this ordeal for the first time.
By Anonymous
dude are you a *???
By Anonymous
A lot of people say BoC is a boring or **** fight. Counterpoint: any boss fight is significantly improved with the right music, and Surfin' USA made BoC way better
By Anonymous
well i killed it listening to "Can you feel my heart Gigachad remix". it was a experience i guess
By Anonymous
Is this possible to make this Boss without shield? I complete almost all souls games (no sekiro elden ring and demon souls) without shield and i dont wanna use it. I died like 20times already
By Anonymous
You just run to the left, stab it, run to the right, stab it, run to the middle, stab it. You should be dodging not blocking.
By Anonymous
i now realised it has that fire with a look of elden rings frienzied flame. cool!
By saiyanshewolf
Destroyed left root. Died. Attempted to destroy right root multiple times. Died a lot. Finally did it. Died several more times trying to get the floor to cave in the center. Finally got naked, slid down, and just ran for it -- got to the bug on the first try.
By Anonymous
This is definitely, absolutely, without a question, an enemy. I dare say it's very freaking.
By Anonymous
Still the most ridiculous boss fight in perhaps the entire series.

Just forget about your build, wear full Havel and a big shield. Boring.
By Anonymous
What I really don't understand is why the devs didn't even bother to fix this boss in the massive 1.05 and 1.06 patches
By Anonymous
Elden Ringers may have Fire Giant, Godskin Duo, Elden Beast, but their pain is incomparable to this entire area and this bossfight.
By Anonymous
They are some of the few souls bosses you could've picked that are actually worse than this, bruh.
By Anonymous
you forgot vulgar gankgoyles. i wont hear anything else, that is the worst boss in Elden Ring.
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