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By Anonymous
The Bed of Chaos innerts resemble somewhat the one from the Demon's Souls Old One. The transformed witch, the insect like beeing, reminded me of the miserable true king Allant within the Old One. The similarities are at least for me painfully obvious and should be mentioned in any wiki concerning this boss.
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By SilverKnightDragon
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Both wanted power, The witch wanted to preserve the world, Allant to destroy it. Both reside in a very powerful tree like being. Both have their forms hideous mutilated. Both are very powerful. Both are monarchs of some kind, the witch ruled Izalith(it wasn't always a lava pit). Allant ruled boletaria. Back when people thought Dark souls and demons were the same universe(they are not), some people claim that bed of chaos's corruption was caused by allants soul being part of the flame of chaos. thus he set out to revive the old one which Gwyn supposedly destroyed long before the dragon war(bad ending). it's quite peculiar that very few people have put those two together
By Anonymous
It should be mentioned that this the by far the worst boss in game, far worse than *****ty camera angels and all, thusly even if you tell yourself you don't want to make it easy on you. Do yourself a favor and abuse the quite strategy this boss is only frustrating due to ***** rng and a 5 mile walking distance after one died even with the fog gate bonfire.
By Anonymous
U r right
By Anonymous
Fromsoft agrees, they rushed to get the game out, they've said that entire area is unfinished. And that version of bed of chaos was the best working one they could make before the deadline. Still wish the dlc fixed it like sotfs
By Anonymous
Cerographed attacks are not "***** rng" Just cause you can't be patient doesn't mean the boss it's self is bad. Inherently the idea and outcome is bad, but you're just bad for not seeing the long wind ups.
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By AntonShea53
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^It can be difficult to see what the boss is doing when you have to focus on where the floor still is.
By Anonymous
After successfully running to each root, use a homeward bone or the miracle with the same and teleport back to the most convienient bonfire. This will not only allow you to bypass most of the boss' oppurtunities to knock you into a pit, but also lets you farm Demon Tianite (providing you opened the shortcut), hunt the stone demons for extra souls, and butcher the Chaos Eaters for Red titanite.(This was written after being tested on NG+)I'd say good luck, but most people on NG+ and beyond don't really need it anymore...Praise the sun!
By Anonymous
Maybe it's just me, but the animations for moving left and right during the entry slide look an awful lot like how you move in Armored Core. Figured it could be another reference.
By Anonymous
*awesome armored core theme intensifies*
By Anonymous
more like an asset flip lol
By Anonymous
best boss
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Good bait.
By themc_slick1
Myself...I really loved the exploration in Dark Souls. The graphics were old school. Though at first I didn't like it, I became a fan after awhile. All I know about Dark Souls is I'm at a point where I'm not strong enough to take the last few levels on alone. Summoning seems like a must. Haven't tried in awhile.
By nCOMP1337
nCOMP1337 is my PSN ID you ever need help on any Souls/borne game
By Anonymous
Cool story bro
By Anonymous
fun fact. it is possibly for the little bugger to kill itself with it's own fire pillars
By Anonymous
There is one more attack that she can apparently do,if you destroy one of the roots(Maybe it's only the left root, IDK),but not both and head to the area where you jump to the root, she will apparently do a type of fire ring attack that attacks the area your in, it seems similar to firestorm,but the pillars have been replaced by a fire ring that does the same amount of damage, also she keeps doing it every time it ends, so it seems really hard to cheese the boss, also: The Bed of Chaos is either hell or too easy to count as a boss.
By Anonymous
I made this boss a hole lot more interesting by making a load of puns based off this boss... wood you believe that's possible, it was a treely good time though
By Anonymous
Take your dirty puns and get out of here
By Anonymous
you mean, make like a tree and leaf...
By Anonymous
I'm a year late to this comment, so pardon my rootness, but I have to say, this boss was aesthetically spruced up quite a bit. As for the gameplay, it really drops in quality after the floor starts crumbling. But overall, I think much of the hate for(est) this boss is from players expecting a regular boss only to be burned when that expectation was turned to splinters. Let's all agree that it was a failed exspearmint, and that it was a good lesson to the developefirs
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