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By Anonymous
Great guide.
By Anonymous
I'm glad to see you took the time to lay it all out. Like others have said, this is a very useful guide.
By Anonymous
Thanks, this helped hugely!
By Anonymous
nice guide;)
By Anonymous
This build inspired me to cheese the Moonlight Butterfly heres the video (not trying to promote just showing off this build)
By Anonymous
Just replicated your cheese... sweet.
By Anonymous
Awesome, this was a great help! When Logan goes mad, though, I think he won't leave his Catalyst/Robe until you've defeated his hallow form that you can find in the small room that you first fought the unkillable Seath in.
By Anonymous
This is a really good guide, it helped me to get into a sorcerer build and I absolutely love it so far. The magic long sword +5 is solid in melee combat and my sorcery spells hit hard as *****. Thank you!
By Anonymous
First off, I love this! This is the first character I have EVER gotten past Pikachu and Snorlax (or Ornstein and Smough), and the second character I've gotten that far. However, there need to be more of these kinds of walkthroughs, not the other kinds of build walkthroughs, those helped me very little. (correct me if I'm wrong)
By Anonymous
My strength caracter got as far as there too.But this under 20hrs and seath is down
By Anonymous
haha pikachu and snorlax, it got me good.
By Anonymous
Agreed. I summoned Solaire as a distraction for Ornstein and Smough, and since I didn't care about their items, I blew them away in no time. Homing Soulmass ftw.
By Anonymous
This series of steps seems to cause the Firelink Shrine FireKeeper to die even without letting out Lautrec...
By Anonymous
Pysche! It was because I got the FireKeeper soul in Blighttown too early... Beware!
By Anonymous
I had trouble looking for build guides, but this one was exactly the one I needed.So thank you very much
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