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By Anonymous
Getting a Longsword from one of the Undead Soldiers in Undead Burg is incredibly frustrating and time consuming . It may be the single roughest part of the entire guide , probably beaten by getting the Moonlight Sword from Seath's tail . It took me close to an hour to farm a Longsword from Undead Soldiers with 6 humanities and I was stuck in Undead Burg without proceeding for a very long time .
By Anonymous
you could have bought a longsword from andre the black smith right after the church in undead burg and before sens fortress
By Anonymous
I agree . But given the steep requirements to level up while following the guide at various milestones , plus the ridiculously expensive spells you need to buy especially at the early game after you free Griggs , I reserve most of my souls to level up and buy spells . So as much as possible , I try to farm them in Undead Burg .
By Anonymous
Like the guide, one thing I would recommend. When you get to firelink pump your str to 16 and get a bastard sword when you reach andre. Bastard has the same reqs as the moonlight sword and MUCH better damage than longsword.
By Anonymous
Longsword is so clutch. It has best attacks. You are idiot.
By Anonymous
I don't understand why we go to Blighttown for large titanite whilst we don't have any anti-poison mosses, no ring which reduces the poison damage, and no shadow set which has the best poison resistance.
It's a freaking waste of time and we put ourselves in danger for nothing. According to the guide we don't even go to the bonfire of lower Blighttown to attune our spells (Soul spear x2) or not even in Firelink Shrine to attune them.
It's clearly a waste of time and energy. I don't understand how this guide has been approved by the Fextralife team.
By Anonymous
First off , we don't go to Blighttown for farming Large titanite Shards . Please read the guide properly . We farm Green titanite Shards from Leeches which drop 5 at a time , so 2 drops is all you need , so I don't understand why you would consider it to be a waste of time .
Secondly , it's a speed-run . Have you heard of that ? You need to run past all enemies to get to the bonfire in the swamps in Blighttown . We do this so that we get the best possible loot as early as possible to tackle the areas as easily as possible and is well worth your time and investment with some patience and skill . "Follow the land left and you’ll come to a tunnel on your left with a bonfire" . Again , it says it right there in the guide . Poison can be mitigated if you kindle the bonfire , giving you 10 heals . Farming the Leeches can be made easier if you rest at The Great Hollow bonfire , which is not mentioned in this guide but isn't a major issue . As for attuning your spells , no guide is going to hold your hand and walk you through every step of the process including when to heal and when to attack and dodge and how much running you have to do and when to walk !
By Anonymous
Step 1: learn to read.
Step 2: learn to wipe your own ***.
Step 3: read the guide again.
Step 4: profit.
By Anonymous
I followed this Guide, but took some liberties in term of leveling VIT and END to 30/40. I was steam rolling most of the bosses, since the sorceries at INT 45 are ridiculously overpowered.
By Anonymous
I did sen's skip and got logan's spells early game lol
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
But I guess it's better to open the gate just for the close by bonfire lol
By Anonymous
Yeah open the gate and farm the guys in the area for 10 minutes or so and you'll get that 20,000 back no problem.
By Anonymous
If you plan to farm the protectors in early or mid game :
Bandit near Alvina gives 1000 souls,
Mage, Cleric, Ninja give 2000 souls each,
Knight gives 3000 souls.
The archer is pointless because she always try to step back to aim you.
So, each run give 10.000 souls if they follow you properly and jump off the ledge.
The worst NPC is the Mage if he decides to aim you and stay near the stairway and he can really messes up with you, and waste your time.
I think it's worth to spend 20.000 souls for the Crest. You'll regain them in few minutes.
And also, the Crest is important if you want to kill Sif if you die more than 1 time.
By Anonymous
Soooo you'd prefer a 5 minute run each clear than to just spend 20k... You will more than double the rate if you just open the door...
By Anonymous
I'm using a +5 magic longsword from as early as I've managed to grab it (master key start > run through blight town and take elevator down > kill low hp leeches for 10 green shards > upgrade with the magic man behind bars in the elevator down from 1st bonfire). I think I picked up a longsword somewhere in undead burg very early, but any weapon you can swing works.

It.. does the job. I got all the way to dukes archive with it, and now it's unable to kill Seath (hits for 46 on both seath and crystal golems). Using magic where I'm at suuuucks, and I can only hope crystal soul mass helps since regular soul mass and great soul arrow don't cut it. I am at a loss what weapon I should pursue for 16str 10dex that won't do peanuts for damage against magic resistant monsters.
By Anonymous
Crystal Souls Spear , Souls Spear and Homing Crystal Soulmass are the most effective spells against Seath . I beat him on my first try following this build right after cutting off his tail for the Moonlight Greatsword . If you want a recommendation for a weapon for 16 Strength and 10 Dexterity , perhaps a Lightning or Fire infused Claymore would help (I don't know if this would help but their AR , according to Mugenmonkey is approximately 500) . Still think the above mentioned spells should get the job done provided you've leveled up Intelligence to 42+ .
By Anonymous
I'd like a guide for a Dark Sorcery build .
By Anonymous
This guide sucks, don't follow it. You can get an overpowered sorcerer without doing **** like killing Lautrec on first sight. It needs to be killed in Anor Londo by invasion. And it's not the only ******* in this guide
By Anonymous
There's no reason to keep Lautrec alive. Better to get the ring as early as possible and there's no need for his armor.
By Anonymous
Well i wouldnt phrase it as this angry but i would agree that killing Lautrec is not a bright idea. Sure his questline can be difficult but especially as a Ranged Build like a sorcerer the battle in Anor Londo ist quite easy compared to other builds. And finishing it grants the ring + souls/humanity + a fully kindled bonfire at Firelink shrine. Also u can certainly make us of the F.A.P-Rings stats they are not necassary. U normally stay at range which means u dont need much vitality. Ur equip is more utility than defense so u dont need mich euqipburden. And casting doesnt consume stamina. There are better rings to use, for example tje Dusk Crown Ring.
By Anonymous
I keep Lautrec alive so he can kill Anastacia, and I can get that sweet, sweet Dingy Robe. Best light chest armor in the game, and you can't kill Anastacia yourself.
By Anonymous
Someone needs their diaper changed. Jesus.
By Anonymous
**** guide for noobs.
By Anonymous
**** you too.
Who the **** complains about the existence of a guide in a complicated game like Dark Souls ?
Go speedrun Sekiro using a guitar controller and let the people wanting infos get it from people nice enough to give it away.
By Anonymous
Well you're here cause you were looking for guides/info. You sound like you tried it and got super salty that you couldn't make it work. Which is sad cause when it comes to PvE this is basically the games hidden easy mode.
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