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with a high Int build you do more damage with Crystal Magic Weapon and a +15 weapon than a +5 Enchanted weapon
how do you enchant a weapon? what stone u use?
The weapon I chose for STR build was Claymore, and I do not see that anywhere in here. Lol. Now I'm sad
The Claymore doesn't have the highest damage but its got a good moveset.
Pike at the end of spears needs "Enchanted Pike+5" it just says "Pike+5"
Nvm I figured out how to edit it.



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Graet, thank you for helping! :)
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If you were to calculate how many swings can be made with each weapon over 5 seconds and multiply the damage by that many swings, which weapon do you think has the highest DPS?
If you think about and consider a weapons effects as well, any bleed weapon with substantial damage would have the highest DPS because after some hits the bleed would build and remove a ton of health; even compared to many weapons.
After going and getting/ upgrading the muramako, I know that Lightning has higher damage, and even then Zweihander is even more! I doubt the rest of this is correct either.
Zweihander have no params, so i think in the end game murakumo outdamage Zweihander
The Zweihander is also in a different category of weapons, of course an Ultra Large Weapon will do more damage than a smaller category.
How about the Silver Knight Straight Sword? I just got the Lordvessel, and that sword works beautifully for me, in plus, I like straight swords.
It has bad scaling late game.
I appreciate that you're giving the base damages, but you have to remember that Dark Souls has several different types of enemies. One weapon may be exemplary against a certain enemy, but not against another. Enemy resistances factor majorly, and not even getting started on the player's stat builds and how that factors into their damage.
Also this SPECIFICALLY says in the beginning that this was judged with all stats at 99.
He isn't gonna input the defenses of every enemy in existence, cause they are all different. This is just showing highest base power on the stat menu.
Huh.I thought the Black Knight Halberd owned the halberd A LOT damage-wise.Aslo,what about ranged weapons?(I.e:Bows)
Everyone knows the only bow worth mention is Pharris Black Bow, man
What stone u need to use for enchanted weapon? I always thought crystal was enchanted.
See my response above regarding "Enchanted".
The Crystal Ember is found in an alcove between two bookcases in the Duke's Archives, in the room where you go down the ramp to reach the Crystal Cave entrance (the same room where you fight the Mimic Chest).