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By Anonymous
This gear is considered to be a reference to Guts from Berserk so the crack in the Balder armor could be a reference of the fight against him against Bazuso. Bazusos axe had a crack. Or this crack is meant to be caused by the axe.
By Anonymous
so all cracks reference berserk now xD
By Anonymous
that wouldn't make sense yea the armor looks like guts like the helmet and such but guts never got a crack in his armor during the fight only bassusos axe
By Anonymous
The balder armor is a clear Raider Guts reference, aside from the pants, but Guts never sustained a crack in his armor. His helmet exploded into fragments taking a gamble against Bazuso. There was no crack. There were pieces of scrap metal.
By Anonymous
Guts never showed off as much skin in his set as this one does.
By Anonymous
Not everything in Souls is a goddamn Berserk reference ffs.
By Anonymous
This is clearly a Berserk reference. yeah, not everything is in dark souls but this armor is very clearly referencing the golden age arc. The reason it is probably like this is the artist likely aged the armor by rotting cloth, ripping off pieces, or inserting tears/breaks in the armor.
By Anonymous
Lol, you people are really in denial at Berserk References in Dark Souls. This armor is clear as day an edited version of the one from Berserk.
And let's not even start talking about the Greatsword, that doesn't even look edited, more like a 1:1 copy.
Also, I'm not sure Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne etc. would even exist without Berserk, learn to show some respect.
By Anonymous
I like how in the image it displays the entire cape, but when when equipped it doesn’t show. Disappointments in the air!
By Anonymous
You can replicate this look in DS3 with the Lothric Knight chest, which has the torn cape like the Balder Knights
By Anonymous
gaels sets early version...
By Anonymous
More like dumb gael
By Anonymous
Lmao, Gael was a complete * compared to Balder Knights.
Balder Knights were well proportioned, quick, looked cool af and were one of the ONLY enemies that punish the player's dumb attacks by parrying and riposting. (I know you got one shotted many times by them)
Compared to the GREAT Balder Knights, Gael was a hunchback with stunted legs and a fugly looking pointy hat, not only that, but he sounded like a * and moved like one too! Throwing a tantrum of hits that all MISS only to get punished severely as he tried to rest.
You can tell FROM Software ran out of ideas when they even make the player fight dumb bosses.
By Anonymous
True, imagine being that low IQ thinking Balder Knights copied Gael when Dark Souls 1 came first
By Anonymous
STILL doesn't have a cape (or cloth physics in general) in the remaster.

Feels bad.
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By Anonymous
Seems surprisingly good at +10, thought i wouldn't waste some slabs on it so it would use it at +9, would would still be more than proficient also very light
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It's best to obtain the whole set early on by farming the knights, however tedious, because it's pretty much your average armor once you can purchase it halfway through the game. It also seems to be the best gear in terms of physical defense prior to obtaining the Elite Knight set. Looks cool, but the inexplicably short cape still looks awful in the remaster, probably just as bad as in the original game.
By Anonymous
Why not just rush down to the forest and get knight set as well as elite knight set?
By Anonymous
So much easier to get elite knight set. And this set looks slutty.
By Anonymous
An apt description, 09 Mar 2020.
By Anonymous
For the 9th of March guy I’ll tell you why, It’s because our undead said “**** It I wanna be Sexy”
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why does it look like this.... on us...
By Anonymous
gotta flex the thighs
By Anonymous
Welcome to Balder, where pants are forbidden.
By Anonymous
Baldi's Basic soul classes
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