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Awesome guide! That is all
Wait, so to have any phantoms enter a world, said world MUST have New Londo drained? this really sucks for co-op then
I suspect that's just in the New Londo Ruins area. I've summoned in other areas before without the New Londo waters being drained.
Hi, Me and my friend play Dark Souls 1 together on steam and we can summon each other when we are human but I can never find his sign when he is hollowed. Being summoned as a hollow is a way to get back humanity but his sign never appears
You can't summon hollowed players.
Hello, I'm playing DS1 together with a friend on PS3, and, sometimes, when it's my turn to place the sign and get summoned, it happens that my friend can actually see the sign and tries to summon me, but I don't receive any message about being summoned in another world, and the summoning process fails. It seems to happen only in certain limited areas, but it's really annoying. Does anyone know a possible solution to this, that just isn't moving from the "affected" area? Thanks in anticipation.
hello,i have added DS as a non-steam game...
and when I try to connect with someone it says that dark souls must be running first
but its already running...any solution??
Don't pirate it.
Im new in Dark Soul but I love it! thx for mods :D
I have a friend who's modding trying to give me souls for killing him. (1 million for killing a modder) and he has his level set to mine but we can't find each other's signs to summon