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Don't you have to go to the Garden place and get Ring of Artorias from the wolf boss before you can even fight the boss in The Abyss (The four kings)



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It seems someone made a mistake on the bonfire progression section. I'll fix it :)
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yeah but its how the four kings stay safe from noobs, so they don't want it spread around lol
Yes ^^
Regarding the advanced path at the top: What is the benefit of going through New Londo and Valley of Drakes to Blighttown and Quelaag first, before Undead Burg/Parish? Sure I can do that if I start with the Master Key, but I don't know why I would as I have to do both either way and Blighttown is a lot more difficult without gear.
That route is pointless, you end up doing the same stuff, just in different order. IMO after Quelaag you should go through Valley of Drakes and Darkroot Basin so you end up in Undead Parish right next to Gargoyles. That route makes way more sense, as it let's you skip entire Undead Burg and most of Undead Parish so you can get to Sen's Fortress faster.
Thinking of it from a speedrunning perspective, Valley is where you get Red Tearstone Ring and it's closer to the Black Knight with BKH. Also, you only go to the Undead Parish 1x, instead of going to Gargoyles, going down to Quelaag, back through Parish, then to Sen's.
When it says going through New Londo & Valley of Drakes that's a little misleading, because what you are really ding is just using the Master Key to open up the gate to Blighttown that's at the bottom of the Firelink elevator, that is "technically" in New Londo. So, you're not really doing anything in Valley of Drakes and New Londo; you're just using the Master Key to get to the 2nd half of Blighttown, which is really pretty easy. Then, depending on how confident you are, you can either just run past most things to the lower Blighttown bonfire or just run straight to Queelag. The tradeoff is that if you actually rest at that bonfire, you'll respawn there if Queelag wrecks you. On the other hand, if you don't rest at that bonfire, when you beat Queelag you can just Homeward Bone back to Firelink. Trust me; it is a real timesaver. On NG it's tricky to pull off because you may be underleveled for Queelag, but on NG+ it's really the way to go every time.
For speed running purposes. Ringing the gargoyles' bell second puts you right next to Sen's Fortress when the gate opens.
I know there is the Crimson set of armor and a Tin Banishment Catalyst which are good for mage characters. There is also a Firekeeper's soul in Blighttown, which you might need for obvious reasons. Other than that I can't think of anything
It's generally so you can avoid having to kill the Taurus demon, therefore allowing you to host fight clubs in the burg.
(con't. from above) Then, when you get back to Firelink, go to Burg but exit out of Havel's door (master key, again) and go through Darkroot to Andre's bonfire. There are really no significant enemies along the way unless you want to fight the Black Knight by the Grass Shield. From Andre's bonfire, go right up to the gargoyles and then you've rung both bells and are right at Sen's fortress without having to screw around so much. In the process, you skip lower Burg & Capra, the Depths & Gaping Dragon, the first 3/4 of Blighttown, Taurus Demon, the first 3/4 of Parish, and you don't have to screw around with the Firelink bonfire Fire Keeper debacle. I usually also make sure to light the Burg bonfire and Queelag's bonfire for teleporting later. You seriously skip more than half of the game that is before Sen's Fortress. Just go back and do that stuff later if you want.
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Feel beginners should do Catacombs before Sen's Fortress as the area is pretty low level and decent place for soul farming SL 30-40
Technically it's not a terrible idea. Just keep in mind that if you kill Pinwheel and get to Tombs of the Giant (for Rhea Subquest) and you'll use the bonfire you'll need to navigate around quite a bit to get back into catacombs.
How do you plan on getting to the four kings without the ring of Artorias? Also this is obviously assuming your expecting all beginners to kill Ingward for the key to the seal because without the lord vessel that is their only option for taking the four kings before ornstein and smough....
its just to grab the firekeeper soul in new londo and the few consumables along the way to it. its to the right of the wooden bridges you cross over. Id suggest not going with whatever constitutes a lot of souls in your book
I really would recommend that a new payer gets the Mystery Key as a gift...
You mean the master key? That is a horrible idea due to allowing the natural progression of the game for a new player to be destroyed and they end up in area's they should otherwise avoid till they acquire better weapons and armor, as well as have become stronger.
disregard below comment the master key is a very good starting gift. Sure you have access to areas you're not ready for, but you can just sprint through and get items that make the game way easier before sens fortress.
Before fighting the four kings, you have put about getting the the Covenant of Artorias ring (the ring that lets you survive in the abyss). You also should have put the four bosses for the lord vessel in this order:
The Four Kings (New Londo)
Seath the Scaleless (The Crystal Archives)
Gravelord Nito (The Catacombs)
The Witch of Izalith (Lost Izalith)
This is because if you do it in this order, you will follow the knight of Catarina and his daughter's quest and Solair of Astora's quest in the order that it is so that it carries on so that you can finish their stories.
can anyone translate this in english pls?
Isn't the beginners bonfire order incorrect? The Abyss should be between Anor Londo- Chamber of the Princess and The Duke's Archives?