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Will it count as a sin if I am summoned via white soap stone to fight other in my covenant


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Nope. Example: Someone Summoned u in the Forest as a White Phantom to Kill Sif (the bigass Wolf). And somebody invades u as a Forest Hunter, u Can Kill him without getting a sin or get kicked Out of the Covenant.
Important note that isn't mentioned in ANY of the Wikis.

When you join the Forest Hunter covenant, regardless of how you do it (abandoning other covenant or not being in any covenant), will make you sin. I couldn't find any apparent harm, as in, anyone acting hostile towards you or denying any services, but it is apparent and you can test it:

1. Start at Oswald, making sure 'You have not sinned'
2. Run to Alvina without killing any of NPCs
3. Answer her questions correctly and join the covenant
4. Make sure nothing's bugged, no NPCs died and you aren't attacked by NPCs
5. Run straight back to Oswald
6. Use the 'absolve sin' option and see that you, in fact, have sin now, simply by joining Forest Hunters

Seriously. Not a single wiki lists this and it's quite major, in my opinion. I wanted to do a 'no-sin' walkthrough and was quite perplexed to see it's impossible to do if I also want to join this covenant at any point of the game...


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Yeah, It doesn't make any sense to me. Going to Oswald and leaving ur Covenant should be "sin-less". I mean u should leave a Covenant like that. And when u leave a Covenant the Developers' way(!) U sinned? Wtf.
// EDIT: Some additional testing has shown that the sin appears even after simply answering 'yes' to Alvina's first question, but refusing her offer to join.
Is it possible to still invade others players this many years after the games release? So far I haven't found anyone and was hoping to get the ring of fog


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Yes, it's possible. I invaded others pretty often but their lvl was too high or they had a Phantom with them. So, I died everytime. We should maybe Team up.
in anyone has xbox and plays i am a 304 and my gamertag is badassk9
You can get the ring by trading a skull lantern to snuggle too. You should get one or two on your trip down to pinwheel.
Maybe some people, but now that remastered is out your chances will be way lower
Yeah, we're still playing. I'm having a hard time invading for the FHC too, but I'll get there, I think.
Clarification Needed - Wiki States: This is the one and only covenant that has no betrayal penalties and also has the helpful effect of deflecting other betrayal penalties. If you join this covanent (after abandoning another without Oswald's help) you will not receive the penalties of leaving that previous covenant.

Example: I'm level 2 in Chaos Servants and have not yet unlocked the shortcut door to Lost Izalith. If I join Forest Hunter covenant and abandon my current covenant will I retain my level 2 rank? Or will I get normal betrayal penalties and get ranked down to level 1?

I would love an answer. If it's wrong then it's pretty harmful misinformation.
I believe if you switch covenants, you will go back down to rank 1 in the one you left
There's, I think, a really rare bug that is not related here. You can be summoned as covenant invader in the Darkroot Garden in a world where the gate is not opened. Of coursly there's nobody to kill and you have to wait the host die by himself or you to go back to your world.
That's not a bug. There is a way of reaching the grave of Artorias without the crest. It involves killing the Hydra and climbing the ladder next to the waterfall. You invaded a world where that happened so you have to sprint to the bridge before the doors of the grave to get ahead of the host.
Decided to do some PvP with this covenant in NG+, 5 hosts were killed (I know they were hosts since I received a pendant, two chunks and two large shards after all of that). I talk to Alvina after 4 kills and she does not give either reward, no divine blessing or fog ring. After the fifth kill she talks about how suspicious Shiva is, then resumes the same "how ya doin' out thar?" dialogue. What's going on here? Is the covenant bugged? Did I not follow some esoteric procedure that prevents me from obtaining the rewards for good? Not that it's THAT big a deal, I already have a fog ring from a Snuggly trade (can that cause issues?) and divine blessings aren't that terribly hard to come by (I have eight of them) but it's the principle of the matter more than anything.
Trophy still not unlocking. Have the official guide and followed each step. Ridiculous.
If you still haven't gotten the achievement, go to a bonfire, switch to a different covenant, power cycle your console unless you are on pc then just restart the pc, load up the game, go to Oswald just in case to see if you have sinned and if you have request absolution, then go through and talk to alvina again and join the covenant again. If that doesn't work then I don't know
Question is okay to leave the covenant kill the npcs in the forest then rejoin or do I have to request my sin to be removed before they calm down
Request that your sin be removed before talking to Alvina and she disapears
10/10 best way to get ganked.