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Necromancer glitched after dieing and didnt die ended up killing everything and we won from the fade


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When farming humanities from the two groups or rats after the locked bonfire, and using Wrath of the Gods on the second group, will cause one of the rats to go through the floor (yes, the loot goes down with it). Sometimes even after killing all the rats on the later group, an extra one may appear behind you or coming down the stairs.
My entire screen is covered in fog. just started a new character i know this isn't normal
Game crashed as a tried picking up binoculars from a dead undead
I beat the demon centipede in the demon ruins. Right now I am trying to get all the lord souls, I already rang both bells otherwise this quest wouldn't be possible. The fog wall where the boss is not there, and instead it is just a stone wall. Is this a glitch or did I mess up some how? If it is a glitch how can I fix it?
That wall is nothing instead from the entrance to the area go left along the wall past some lava there will be a wall to the left open traverse that to find Solaire by a bonfire before traveling to lost izalith. Also equip Orange charred ring to avoid lava damage.

I am stuck
Everyone a summit or see as a ghost is moving but not walk physical. I was thinking it was a connection problem but i reser everything and the same it happening. I can continue to play but its not the same affect
When equipping a heavy shield and using bash, then un equipping it your character still walks slow as if hes using the shield and can still activate shield bash when unequipped, tried restart, reload, travel, death , storage nothing will make me walk faster
Got something similar
My character won't run only slow walk and the camera turn slow too
I m tryng to do glitch of this imtem ... i dont know if can