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By Anonymous
This fight is just like MG excelus from metal gear rising revengeance.both of them require you to wait until they raise their arm and smash of ground so you can attack the arm and rinse-repeat
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Molten Giant would be a better name
By Anonymous
F*** this s***ty boss!!! Garbage f***ing hitboxes!!! Cheese doesn’t work!!! Worst f***ing game in the series!!!
By Anonymous
Ok sure but there's no reason to whine on every single boss page lol
By Anonymous
If you want to bait you should try being a little less obvious
By Anonymous
if it is bait it's extremely effective because i see someone every time going "no you're just bad"
By Anonymous
Are you the same guy who left comments on every single boss page in the Demon's Souls wiki? Jesus. Get a life
By Anonymous
Lol you mad?
By Anonymous
I feel like I shouldn't have fought him at lvl 65...
By Anonymous
True. I fought him at level 59 and he was really easy I feel like I just missed out on an experience. I’ll get it back in NG+
By Anonymous
I killed CD with the cheese and he only dropped 10,000 souls. Has this happened to anyone else?
By Anonymous
It’s probably because you are infected with the eggs. It makes get 50% less souls
By Anonymous
Mui is that you? Haha. I'm assuming his souls were changed to 20k in future updates.
By Anonymous
Incase you're hesitant about cheesing the boss, the cheese strategy is not a glitch and was 100% intended to be used.

If anything, killing him legit is the abnormal way to win the encounter, since the boss clearly wasn't playtested.
By Anonymous
Yeah he pretty much dies because he falls off the cliff in his attempt to catch you. You can check YouTube for videos that showcase his death from a far view. Fighting him normally is terrible.. his attack active frames and hitboxes are something else.
By Anonymous
worst article on this website you should be ashamed
By Anonymous
How appropriate, this is the worst boss in the game
By Anonymous
Not even a boss, just a depressing enemy that can't survive a fall that's shorter than him.
By Anonymous
i don't understand howmto dodge his attacks. i wait for him to slam his arm down and roll out of the way and i somehow get hit anyway. like i look at the screen and i'm nowhere near the arm and still got hit.
and then the sideways arm slash is almost impossible, i think i got lucky and dodge it once. I wait for him to swing and dodge under it and get hit anyway and then i'm knocked down and as i'm getting up, he does a perfectly timed overhead followup before i can heal
By Demon Slayer
i brought the stone giants greatshield, flash sweat and his sisters fire resistant armour and you can tank 2 hits while blocking before needing an estus while also standing outside of the arms physical hit range, so i could only land 1 running hit each block. took a while but worked eventually
By Anonymous
The answer is the boss sucks (whole area was rushed, hence the *** loads of copy pasted enemies), and was meant to be beat using what this page calls a cheese strat. It's not cheese, it's the intended strategy.
By Anonymous
I’m sorry they call him WHAT
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