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By Anonymous
Just a confirmation that the "Easy Way" strategy explained above still works as of 2/22/16.
By Anonymous
Not working.
By Anonymous
Worked for me 10 September 2016
By Anonymous
his name translates to unrelenting relief of load and you better be ready to take that load
By Anonymous
i've just used the EASY WAY (01.19.2017). It works. The catch is if he kills you, you have to return to that altar. Otherwise he won't jump into the chasm and will simply fry you from afar.
By Anonymous
04.01.2017, the easy way still works. Maybe it was meant to be? I mean, why would from software have the trouble of programming the boss leaping, grabbing onto the structure and falling to his death after you hurt his hand and making him lose the grip?
By Anonymous
Easy method still works 6-6-2017
By Anonymous
Easy method still works 7/12/17
By Anonymous
Accidentally used the easy method. I didn't even know what happened the first time.
By Anonymous
Same here. I seriously thought it was a glitch at first. LOL
By Anonymous
Easy method still works as of October 20, 2017. I think it's safe to say that this cheese will age well.
By Anonymous
12/2/2017: The "easy way" doesn't seem to work anymore, even when I have my back pressed against the fog he doesn't leap and just shoots fire instead. Sucks too, this boss is a ***** to beat the normal way.
By Anonymous
Just worked for me, I stood against the wall eventually he placed his hand next to it, I hit a few times and hugged the wall. all the sudden it said boss defeated.
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By Anonymous
01/07/2018 it does still work, but you may have to try it a few times. i have done it with 3 chars in the past month- the first took several attempts, the next 2 were successful on the first go
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By ArmStorage
You need to get the robe first in order to have him pulling out his arm.
By Anonymous
You need to pick up the robe, else he won't do the leap. If you die and come back, you need to come back all the way to the "altar" where you picked it up and then run back to the fog wall for him to do it. It's stupid but it is what it is.
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