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By Anonymous
Is there a way to contribute to the site?
By Anonymous
Até comprava o Jogo, Mas com a Steam Agarrado nunca........
By jayjay45
ive just recently got lords of the fallen on xbox one it downloads to my xbox but will not play it keeps returning to the home screen can anyone advise me on possible solutions please
By Anonymous
у меня стимовская версия и она при пропукске кат сцен вылетает из игры на рабочий стол подскажите чт осделать
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This is an english wiki. To communicate with other local fellows, you must write english sentences.
By Anonymous
I recently bought lords of the fallen for pc and there was no registration code included with the game disks where can I find one for this game?
By Anonymous

I recently bought Lords of Fallen with all the DLC'S it starts with a black screen and a message the game has stopped working.Is there a fix for this problem,i would like to play the game it looks like a good game,i'm running it on windows 10 pro with intell i-7 4770cpu@3.40GHz 3.40GHz processor,
16.0GB installed memory ram,64-bit operating system,x64-based processor,with a NVIDIA GTX 750 ti video card.

I would like to know if it will work on this system or should I get a refund. I would appresiate a prompt response my E-MAIL account is
Thanks Jim Smith

By Anonymous
Bought DVDs but no product code .I'll just return it. Probably would be disappointing like most of the Steam family products have been.
By Anonymous
I recently bought the game but can't find the cd key. Anyone know where i can find this?
By Anonymous
What a *****ing RIP OFF !! No product key to enter when you spend money on this***** and they don't even reply from the makers of the game to help anyone on this issue. Will NOT buy a game from these douche bags ever again !!!
By Anonymous
YEAH!! Play DARK SOULS 3 instead on this Stupid Game