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After giving him 15 skulls, I've used Prayer in fornt of him to heal myself and because of that I cannot talk to him, even if he moved to 2nd location.
voice and music stop working at a random time and never restart unless i quit game
After i talked to atlas and atannas in the cidlar to go fight the boss, the door to leave is shut and i can't get it to open. So im stuck in the inner chamber. I did die right before i entered a cut scene
Glitch happened while fighting the Judge where he just stands there and lets me kill him, but when his HP reaches zero nothing happens. Even after reloding the game the boss is still glitched and I can't finish the game.
Same here. Can't finished the game. Reloaded game, restarted PC...died out of the judge combat, loaded a new area...nothing works -.-
Put runes off and on and it works again, that's the short version.
Put runes off and on and it works again, that's the short version.
I can't fight the keystone boss bc I died right by the steps when it was getting ready to show the boss. So now it keeps showing portal but will not let me fight him please help
When i wear an armor set like Eternal legend or Simmetry i expect to see some changes in the character stat page, as it should add 10% or 15% more damage in 2h stance...but i see nothing different, i also tried to test the damage vs monsters but it seems that the "set bonus" isn't working at all. I wonder if somebody even knows about these bonuses because they're even cryptic sometimes..
Pulled the lever and the platform that extends didn't extend so I can't get to the annihilator I don't know what to do
In NG, I killed the second of the Lost Brothers (it was the Lightning guy) and died at the same time. Now, both brothers are laying on the ground motionless but with full health bars. I can reduce their health to zero again, but the blue magic seals still block all exits from the room. If I reload my previous save the problem remains. 64 hours of bloody gaming wasted!!
The door I front of the champion will not open I pull the lever and it's not opening this is my 2 play thought on the same character pls help me
ive got same problem, you just forget the second in circular room, in your right when you leave the jail with 2 poor guy (one free one die), i hope you understand i am from France maybe no good English...