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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Have started multiple saves and no class will heavy attack. I deleted and reinstalled but still getting the same bug.
My life bar is extended. In the stats screen it is so long that it reaches behind the magic bar! When I load the game, I have 313 of 206 hp. When I drink one potion I have 412 of 206. So my hp is doubled... That breaks the game for me. What's going on? Please help. I'm in the middle of New Game...
btw: it's on ps4
When i die i can't respawn and an advice stuck's on a screen. After restarting game save is gone. PC version
After reinstall works
Enemy's are still shooting through wall,mountains,rock ect... i know the games from 2014 but if you want people to buy the Complete Edition like i did you need ti patch these issues
I've noticed whenever I use the cleric spell (shelter) the audio is bugging and doesn't end when the spells buff timer does. When this happens all voice audio isn't working all I hear is the wooing noise of the spell till I restart the game. I'm avoiding the spell intirely now.
No voices only subs this game is out now for a year and still alot of issues wtf
I fell off the map in the treasure realm and i got stuck on the side and eventually jumped off since I couldn't get back up. The exp recover was stuck on the side of the map and there was no way to get it. Don't go to the edge of the map lol.
I can't open the big door to get out of the Planetarium with my gauntlet after Antanas said he´ll prepare it ? Has anyone else tried this problem or i'm I doing something wrong?
Im having the same issue. The door is closed and i can't get out of the inner chamber
When I first encounter this hound I didn't follow him and I exit the area, after Beast I came back and found this hound but when I killed it other hounds did not spawn.