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There is no cap whatsoever for any attribute, but luck does not have any effect beyond 30~40.
Any attribute can be increased indefinitely and continues to increase their stats.
Itch is actually a higher agility requirement than Skull Scraper with 30


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Clawfinger is much faster and cause much more damage than the Swim,. Faith should rise to more than 25, the Clawfinger is faster than the swim, the only advantage is that you swim can put a rune but still slow vs Clawfinger
Not exactly since there's also limited amount of chest to open
I recently came across a weapon needing 28 faith to use
How many points are there total to be used? I am assuming you get 1 per level up, is there a level cap?


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The highest level that you can grind to is 171, you can go beyond that with attribute shards.
You can easiely count how much XP will need for your upcoming Attributes.
Every next required level XP of it will be +10% more. So basicaly 110% of what you can see.
Example: you need 1000 XP for your next Attribute Point, then after you need 1100 XP (110% of 1000) then 1210 XP (110% of 1100) and so on.

Formula for Attribute Banking XP:

Next level XP = Actual level XP * 1,1

This info can be useful when you plan to banking XP for Attribute Points, but you dont know how many you need for like the next 5 level. You count it then summary them and you aim for that XP.

For Spell Points you need 115%, so *1,15 multiplier.