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Is it missible? cause i finished the game twice with 70% of all trophies done and still didnt get this achievement, some plz help
I got it on my first run... just kill everything and walk around checking everything that it should popup soon...
I got the achievement when I /finished/ the Challenge room before Lost Brothers. I had lost at the last round twice, once to the Beast and the other to the Knight. I had killed one each time but downed by the other. Only when both were dead did I get the achievement.
well obviously it is missable.just be sure kill anything at least once when you proceed with the game.. also finish the dimensional portals.
To popup this achiviment, I need to finish the game on a new slot or could it be done on NG+??

I've just finished the game on NG+ putting the Rune of Adyr on my weapon and didnt shows the achivement ://

Just the The Way of a Clerig (cause i've finished with another class the NG+)

I Don't believe that i've played all game a second time and didnt pickup the second ending :/

Right now i'm starting the 3rd time, I will put the stone on me armor.