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How do you remove a rune without putting another in its place?
are there no lightning runes ?
unfortunately no lightning runes



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It's been a while but I thought you could do this at the smith? Is it not giving you the option?
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I would also like to know, I play on the PS4 and there is nothing in the legend or the help section that says anything about taking a rune out of a slot, only to replace it. I have a bunch of bs runes to spare atm but I'm gonna run out of those sometime. It almost seems that experimenting with gear is not really encouraged because of this...
Visit the crafter select a rune and press square on PS4 to remove it
Press X/Square whilst hovered over the rune slot
press X
Im level 68 i know every thing
Ruin /gauntlet
I haven't found a way to remove a rune without putting another in its place so just replace it with some piece of junk.
Note that if you don't like the rune you get, you can exit the game without saving and try again!
you have to play the game until you go into the rhogar realm and meet a smithy. you will be able to get to the rhogar realm when you find Kaslo near a graveyard and kill The Worshiper in the graveyard.
Just hit the square button (playstation controller) while its selected.
Is there any way to craft lesser ruins into greater ruins? Before or after unsealing?
If you don't like the rune that was generated, you can exit the game without saving and try again. I'm especially fond of doing this with the Big runes, since you get comparatively few of them. Someone else mentioned this, but it's buried in a reply.