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i hope in LotF2 the weapons(gear in general actually) you get from areas are better distributed. 18 agility requirement daggers with 50 dmg from Chamber of Lies, while the Axe has 31 strength requirement? what kind of bull***** is this?
I have updated the equations for scaling computations so now you can see that the scaling is applied to each point from 8 until 5 points above required minimum. That way you have much more damage bonus for high minimum requirement weapons than for the lower ones.
That 31 str axe is one of the best 1H weapons but weighs as much as last will
not to mention the horrible scaling every weapon has, i mean Jesus the highest base scaling is 13%, and some don't even have any scaling making stat investment past the requirement pointless.
this a shame...
nice game but fail design, worth downloading from torrent or buying for 15 e
Its because they can not git gud. Ha ha ha! lol
its ment for end of easy fites
I thought it was a good mashup. In that they were trying to be like both dark souls and god of war. It just needed to be another 40 hours longer and have a multiplayer element.
The glaives are still not listed. Not a single one of them!
lack of sockets is ridiculous. you should be able to increase sockets via smith. 30 attack staff with 3 sockets? 3 sockets should be for end game, and not early-mid game
You cant do this us
There are two fundamentals that I am failing to understand:

1. Which of these are strength weapons versus which are fast? (EG, I know that a dagger is probably fast and any greatweapon is probably slow, but what about a staff? A hammer? An axe? A sword? Where on the stats is that info easily available?

2. What on earth do the attack speed percentages mean? I have no clue what 75%, 100% and 120% each mean in terms of attack speed...

I've never played Dark Souls so please don't use that as a frame of reference.

better if weapon and armor got 2 socket, and can upgrade +1 to +15 just like cabal online. upon upgrade and reach +15 weapon or armor have aura barrier . try like that lords of the fallen, im sure its will be nice