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The link was wrong, so I fixed it.
I don't know why but this boss never gives me experience points, or I'm missing something.
This boss was so difficult at first.
I hate this boss.
I love this boss design. It would be better to give to player more interesting clawfinger with more special attacks and spells (with "Watch out Below" and "Ground Smash"; and "Warcry" spell, and throwing exploding magic skulls for the ugly looking magic gauntlet) , but in DS-like games we get only pathetic crumbs of boss powers every time (I don't speak about "press X to win", but about design, versatility, weapons with many interesting special attacks, abilities and spells, etc., not only with one special attack per weapon when boss has 4 and more special attacks and spells). Damn!
Hah "hey blue things stun you" 2nd phase "hey stand on the blue things" Thank you dark so.. ehh lords of the fallen
Well that was easy after i found out you can destroy those egg thingies ...
What a lame boss design. Lazy AF if you have to have adds.