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the game says its downloading in the background but I hace fully downloaded the game and all patches for PS4 last patch is 1.03


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bought this game some months ago and it was ok - bought again for my son just few hours ago and disappointed - can see instead of text only "0000 0000 0000000000 0000" something like that, so not playable
anybody knows a fix for that ? (PC steam version)
my game crashes when I try to enter the area around the first challenge portal or try to enter the demon world portal.
if u are facing the glitch where you die upon spawn will it stop now if u update?


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Are these patches released on all platforms at once or are they PC specific for now?

Xb1 version doesn't tell me what zone I am in
Hi just started playing this potentially awesome game (j/k it is freakin awesome) was wondering if the update came out for ps4 yet. Thanks
Guys, no updates in 5 months?! Come on. The game on PS4 is still super buggy. Sounds go away most of the time, game crashes during boss battles, please release something soon.
Almost a full year and still no updates. This is very disappointing.
Game irs constantly crashing on xbox one since purchasing the DLC, had no issues before I purchased the labyrinth DLC, very dissapointing to say the least. Tried everything possible nothing worked.
My game is version 1.02 why isnt it updating to 1.2?
hi i have 2 bonus codes and dont know how to activate can u help me 1 is for demonic weapons and second is for monk deciphear
Horrid customer support coupled with a good game....makes for a *****ty experience. =/ Devs won't even fix the glaring issues, like the Beast boss fight being unable to be passed on the digital version.
Im on ps4 playing lords of the fallen i got about a week ago, and my main save file was corrupted after the game crashed a few days ago on me. even with latest patches installed. Can anyone help me out? Im on ps4 my psn id/gamertag dca316.
Too bad that there won't be any more patches, even though there's still so much to fix :/
I can overlook these, but some bugs really destroy the fun I have with the game.
It's just so ***** annoying that most games these days are so poorly made...
I really want to love this game :(
Good that I got it on Steam winter sale, though.
have buy the game today , dont work ,,
Where I can download the Patche's ? -- Link to ?
I can't fight the spider boss bc I got killed by the portal steps and it showed half of the story line then quit and I tried to go back to see if he would appear but he doesn't so what should I do?
please help


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por que solo tiene 3 ng? tan dificil era hacerlo inlimitado?
I can't get my character development screen to come up. Every time I try the game just pause. Is there a fix for this.