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we may be simple people! but were can we find health potions because its awful not having more than 2. x
Dunkuf read the bloody page
I can't use it on the Xbox One either
My boyfriend is playing right now and he held down x to use his health potion
How do I use it on Xbox one
How to use it on PC?
Press 1 to use it
i just guess, aß i am playing on ps3, but circle items in the Slots with x to the potions and the hold x.
Press 1 to use it
yeah bruh what key toy use to heal ?
on pc
Hold X on xbox to use potion, press X to swap consumables.
they made the leveling and using potions very dumb!
How to use it on PC?



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Is the number of Health Potions limited? I want to acknowledge this because I consider purchasing The Fountain Boost bonus content.
Sell xbox get playstation then it will work
To do this, tap on the Square/X button to cycle through them. Once a potion is selected, hold down the button to use. To regenerate your stock, you can always head to a red save crystal. These can refill both your health and potion supply, but at the cost of your running experience modifier
Something as simple as using the health potion needs googling and forums, that's a -10 for the game UI right there.
you must have your head up your *** when you cant find out how to heal
I have a problem with my health potions i have 6 but only 4 are filling up is there something im missing?
those floating shards around save points represent how many potions can/will be restocked. if you're using save points with only four, only four potions will be restocked, rather than your whole stash.

they seem to regenerate after a time, so its not limited, but does make it a pain in the *** to stock up sometimes.
using healt potion is very annoing