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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

What is he weak to?
He's really weak to level 3 Ram attack, outlaw class
Your mom
if you have any sort of decent heavy weapon greatsword/battleaxe/warhammer you'll one hit him with shift in the deception tree in ng that is :/ with peacekeeper you might be able to one hit him in ng+ and ng++
your mom
He's really easy to beat wit h the polesword you get from the black Smith
extremely weak to fire
Lol 3 quake. Killed him in two hits.
your mom
All these replies were sent at the exact same time...and before the first message? What time shenanigans went on here?



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We imported the wiki and comments from an old software and it recorded the time of import. The comments are from 2014
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You dont do massive damage and its 99 percent impossible to get to his feet


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Hello, because no one on YouTube or here have posted it, I will: To reach and attack his feet : Approach melee range, so that he will trigger swinging his club at you. While target-locked, Roll-dodge in the direction of the arm swinging, currently. After the first swing, Beast will swing again, so immediately after your first roll, you then want to roll inward toward his feet. As I am a dagger / fist user, I now execute my combo's on his feet, then roll away - because you only have a few seconds before he stomps, and if you executed a second combo, he will follow the stomp with a jump. If you're within swing range after this point, he will swing again, otherwise he will charge, followed by poison spit, and then march towards you to swing the club some more.
Fire, or lots of patients and the gauntlet and lots to of rolling.