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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Where is this weapon I how been looking for it for three days
Once you get the final light that hovers over your head listen for a humming sound. I had to use headphones. Head in the direction of the sound. It is very close to the portal entrance. I counted about 20 paces.
There is also a breakable jar close to the poison shard chest. (And a first warden around there)If you break it, another spot of light will appear with a chest. After you opened it, you have a perma light over your head. Unfortunately it wont prevent you from getting damaged from the darkness, but it helps searching for the chest
Look this up on youtube there is a simple way to stand and run right the chest from the portal.
This is most likely the best weapon in the game. It deals ~700 to 800 damage per swing and it attacks really fast. I have 3 flawless luck runes, 40 Agility and the amulet of the betrayer. Only, due to the poison damage, it is not effective against the infected. Switch out Impatience or skull scraper for these enemies.