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I equip "Last traitor" set, but the bonus damage spell does not appear. WTF? Same with "Dimensions" set.
Excuse my bad English, I use a translator.
i have this problem too, i have a warrior character in the 2nd slot, other slots are empty and none of the set bonuses seems to work, only the Live Element bonus shows up in the character stat page.
Seem to work...
Same here, none of the set-Bonus Seen to Workshop, so maybe it is bugged... :/
solution: started my 1st character with an unpatched version and none of the set-bonuses seem to work with this char, even after patching the game...
my 2nd char works fine...
Answer: The magic damage bonus does not appear in the stats page. It is a "hidden" / "secret" bonus for having the full armor set. If you compare the damage of wearing the full set to the incomplete set there will be a damage difference. The same goes for other sets. For example the Symmetry heavy armor neat the beginning of the game increases damage when using two handed weapons but it does not explicitly state this anywhere in the item or player statuses.
It's not working here either. I use the same spell on the same creature with this set and another set but the damage is the same.
It does not increase ram, stab and shift damage. It INCREASES quake damage. I tested on lots of creatures by changing armor sets. What is the meaning of "spell" exactly? It is not gauntlet, it is not stab, it is not shift, it is not ram. What other damage dealing spells exist in this game? It is just quake. Maybe I miss something.
Set bonus should be "Quake damage is increased by %30".