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It could be that he bleeds out because you didn't give him a potio.
definitely not a bug. Or poor design. that was the intent. if you don't choose to save him, you lose out on possible things later in the game
I think the OP understands that if you don't give him the potion he dies. What I believe he/she means by "poor design" is that if you "save" (and quit to return to the game later, for practical or strategic reasons such as going to get a healing potion or go out into your every day responsibilities life), the save state does not keep the NPC alive but instead "chooses" to kill it. There is no reason why the game should not pick up exactly from the point you saved and quit (since that is the point of a save) and keep the NPC alive if he was still alive at that moment. Also the design choice of punishing the player just because he/she encounters the dialogue (and decision point) fresh out of potions, although by all means novel or viable, it's nontheless shaky.
Yeah this happend to me...I didn't have any healing potion left, I cut his hand. Then he asked for some potion, so I wanted to search for a healing poiton, but I died. When I came back, he was dead. Now I've got 2 options. To continue or start a new game. So be careful :)
Why is this the only side quest with an explanation? (First time here, so maybe I'm just blind, help!)
I did all theze steps and he is not here