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Blocking with weapons actually counted as blocking with shield because I didn't get the orange version of the Commander Shield at the end of the fight. I used Persistence great sword and blocked a few time.
Special Challenge: Defeating this boss without using your shield will result in you obtaining the an orange version of the Commander Shield
Here's a tip, don't use heavy attacks, it does the same amount of damage as light attacks
This guy is a pain to deal with, personally I prefer doing this with the fist weapons you aquire somewhere after you open the gate and before you take on the boss, its fast hitting and allows you to rack up a big combo, not to mention, you can take out most enemies he summons and only get hit once or not even once, depending on your stamina and dodging
during this boss fight there is a buff of red smoke that randomly appeared on the ground. what was this for?
This guy is some tough bastard! The main problem is his shield which basically protects the entire front of his body.
as a cleric this boss was hard to fight. I finally figured out how to beat him by using Daze when he summons the two adds which slows their movement and you can easily kill them. After two waves of two adds he does summon them anymore so then its just circle strafe, dodge and use the gauntlet
I did not get any of the drops after defeating either the Warden and now the Commander. Is this a bug?
Yes, both should drop their most identifying weapon.
I wnt into those gates after beat them then i went back to them and their items were there