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my gamer tag is Lito229
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I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me do vanguard strike missions? I play Xbox one, I'm a new level 40, and my gamer tag is "Sir kyahlot"
Ill give u a hand if u want just add me kingpin11911
If someone has a fully charged agonarch rune pls help me. PSN:DaBluff52
I need help noing what to expect when I do kings fall tommorow
help completing mission on destiny for PlayStation four would really appreciate the help
Psn: Alle_Beugen
Does anyone know if trials is back ?
PoE Challenge, Xbox.
I'm so confused. I'm trying to track a quest and complete it and when I get to the spot eg Eye of a Gate lord Quest and I'm on Venus and I used tracking button it just shows me all these other missions for the area and I'm not tracking the actual quest that I'm wanting to do? I need someone's help cause I enjoy playing it but want to do all the quests and not just the little missions .. msg me.. PS4 online name is Jenny-Girl-10