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I have a hybrid style of alchemy skills combat skills sign skills and general skills maybe you guys should add that is a great build
My own build closely follows the Cat School Build as described above. I would add, though that building up Quen can help a lot since as mentioned, this build doesn't allow you to take a lot of damage. I also compensate for this by using Green Mutagen to boost Vitality. The Cat School Build & variations of it certainly require you to stay on your toes but also make for a very rewarding combat experience. Comparing this play style to Dark Souls, especially on Death March is no exaggeration.
I just have realized why I was having do much problem with my build (@lvl45; DM; Upscaling; BnW) - totally lacking defence. I was going Griffin armour, with maxing out just 4 things - igni, aard, light & heavy attacks. I was so wrong. No HP, no fun perks, no defence, no crowd control except aard. Don't do this!