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Some of the locations of sold diagrams seem to be different amongst everyone. I found The Digger, The Tamer, and Mahakaman diagrams from the blacksmith in Fyresdal while this wiki page suggests that someone obtained it from the blacksmith at Kaer Trolde.
Depending on your level, the smith in kaer trolde can offer you all the diagrams, the "smaller" smiths are randomized to a certain degree. Similar to the pellar, who can always offer you all signs and sign diagrams, contrary to the "smaller" sign merchants.
Does anyone know where to get "Reached of the *****ed" silver sword
Has anyone found the silver sword called Anth yet? I cant find it anywhere..
No I can't find it it sucks I've been searching.
No they are not the best swords. I have better. Harpy silver: 697-853 and steel: Longclaw 513-627 plus they can be upgraded with 3 stones. Even doubt they are the best eighter
This list is meant for those under level 50
i found a steel sword called Wolf I found two. one right after each other. one was level 10 one level 9 it kinda looked like a grey griffin/emmentaler sword and had that +5% extra gold stat
I cant find it either
I cant find it either
That is to do with the new DLC the School of The Wolf Armor and Weapon sets.
I cant find it either
What happened to weapon page??
please upload back the weapon page :)
I found the steel sword Ultimatum in the correct location described on this page. However the sword is not level 5 but level 2 with 45-65 base damage.
Weapons with diagrams have static traits but loot scales with your level, often being three or four levels bellow you.
This isn't about weapons, but do guards have a fixed lvl or is it like skyrim where they start a lil bit above you and then continue to lvl with u once u reach they're lvl
To the guy above who said he wanted heavy armor, I recommend looking at the Witcher Gear School of Bear (Ursine) or even School of Griffin
Oh so u can't get they're armor... I just want a set of heavy steel medieval armor
No u can't take their armor and the guards level up with u
No u can't take their armor and the guards level up with u
You shouldn't be fighting guards to begin with. Their is nothing to gain from it and you cant even go on a killing spree like you can in Skyrim so it's pointless
Just randomly found.... :3