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Before starting a new game its asks u this. Im unclear as to wheter or not my decisions from past games will be simulated by the computer or if I should turn it off or on so I can pick my OWN decisions.
after checking again i guess that "Simulate Witcher 2 save" lets you choose the decisions of witcher 2 if turned ON
i think they mean simulate the game saving system of the witcher 2. I said yes to turning it on cause i didnt know how does the new system work and i thought to stick to the one that i tried already in witcher 2, in the end in the quest of Emperial Audience i got to choose all the decisions of witcher 2, so i guess u get to choose ur own decisions anyway
Can you set your viewing as if looking through the character's eyes while exploring?
in the griffth hunt I cant first find the dead griffth near where the soilders were killed.
Use the Witcher sense and you will see the soldiers footsteps. Follow them