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Can you get both or do you have to choose?
no, u watched lol



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Why did yopu capitalize the "T" in don't haha ^^^
you can get both, at least i did. first u tell triss you love her, sex in the lighthouse, then when u go to skillege u get in a room with yen-sex there too-,dont know anything about a relationship though ^^:p
You find Triss in Novigrad after the battle f Kaer Morhen
Where to find triss after now or never when she went in the boat ?????? Please tell me somebody
they don'T fight over you, they trick you and in the end u are the ****** and both don'T like you anymore
Its Triss or Yenn if you try to pick both according to the guide you end up with neither in the end due to them fighting over you
i think triss and yen
Please tell me where to get dimeritium ores and ingots
Yo can, but they will both hate you for it.
I did both.
Shani (Hearts of Stone) is missing from this list.