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I don't know if this decoction is broken or not. It lasts 30mins and can be refilled by meditating. When i have the buff on, whenever i use the light attack special move (hold attack button) my vitality rockets straight back to full in an instant even from almost 0. It also recovers around 1000 vitality when casting signs. Outside of combat it can be used to recover hp to full by jumping a couple of times. This thing feels way overpowered compared to other decoctions.
where is this decoction found?


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Seems that if you use for example a Sign (100 Stamina) you restore 10% of your maximum life.
I don't know if it was designed this way, but it is really overpowered.
its because u have very little health...
... i assume u are not in alchemy right? :)

In alchemy u are so "tank-like" overpovered killing mashine i wish there were another difficulty.
In alchemy this decotion is just for not eating throught out half of game to recover health.
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