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Pressing and holding the touchpad instead of just pressing it will take you directly to the inventory screen. Little time saver!
what's the key for your ranged weapon - like the crossbow ??
what's the key for your ranged weapon - like the crossbow ??
Hello I have an advanced igni sign but I can't figure out how to use the flame throw advanced igni. What button do I hold down?
and swiping up takes you direct to the map
Hi there, does anyone have an issue with the R3 button not cycling through the objectives?
Crossbow and the like are Quick Access items, Thus "Use Quick Access Item - Middle Mouse Button"
Swiping in general takes you directly to the map ;)
How i click r3 in controller pls guide me. Thanks
Press the right thumbstick in.
No. Right thumbstick on the controller
press down your right toggle...... yeah i think that's right
I know how to equip a cross bow/bow, but I have no idea how to put that weapon in my hand and fire it, I know I am a silly old bugger, but plz help
Press L1 equip bow,, to use press R1
I cant figure out how to set my ability points, like which button Selects and sets them..