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Had the regular version but never got around to craft it, then i found the enhanced version but lost the original now i cant make the enhanced because i can't make the regular?
Captain: if u haven't killed Keira Metz yet, you can buy the manuscript from her :P
Anyone know where to find this formula?
This is NOT located in the room mentioned above, if it was for the last poster it was simply a lucky spawn. It is sold by a vendor south of Hierarch Square.
Do the scavenger hunt of cat school gears quest the recipe will be in the room after you kill mad man here is the quest location
The vendor in he
Ierarch square doesn't have any
I'm playing the game for second time, after the patches or whatever the herbalist in Novigrad doesn't sell it anymore... I'm doooomed :D
I found the manuscript for Black Blood at the herbalist mentioned above. Had the manuscript for enhanced black blood but not the regular. Just finished the main quest so doing everything else now. Playing on XB1.
Thanks for the help