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Anyone know who I play or where I could purchase the Hero Spy Card that has 0 value? It's an amazing card. It adds 0 to the other opponent and you get to draw two cards. Plus, since it's a hero card they can't use a Decoy Card to pick it up.


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Mysterious Elf, plus pretty much every other card, have now been added. Someone else can feel free to fix up the formatting and link in the individual card pages.
I originally posted this question. The card will be given after you defeat the Alchemist in Skellige. You must first complete his quest in order to play him (it's a level 24). He's one of the players you have to win against to beat the Gwent Skellige quest. The card is "Mysterious Elf" in Nelfgaard. However you receive a card that is the same that can be used in all other factions, it just has a different name for some reason.
It's scoatiel only, haven't found it yet, but its probably from one of the quests.
If i remember right you have to win against the strange druid (think named gremist) near mäussack (german name). You have to make a quest for him. The elf is called avala'ch in my game
It's not scoatiel only, and it's the "Mysterious Elf"
*reads comment from guest on 22 June*
Heh. I KNEW Ermion was the same druid, featured during the certain events in Cintra in the first book, and it was just a translation thing. XD