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Here's a tip: spectrw oil. Bear fat can be found in the woods and by some places of power. I believe a bear is by an Yrden place of power which will be extremely helpful, giving you a nice buff that will be needed. You can find the rest of the stuff for specter oil outside Odolan (the quest giver)'s house in the field. You need 4, but there's around 7 in the area. Once you have the wraith oil, meditate till midnight. The wraith is a noonwraith's and won't be out at that time. It'll give you time to look around and find stuff for beating it, and some lovely White Orchard lore. The bracelet is in the well and there's blood in the house downhill from the well. When fighting the wraith make sure to do it at night. I did it at 3am which was cutting it a bit close as the sun starts rising. You could beat it at level one if you want. Glhf.