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Found it in a barrel at the start of the dungeons below Novigrad, accessible during/after "Now or Never" quest. The exit is still accessible after the quest, and can be found under the long crooked boat bridge/docks at the western part of the city at the docks.
Which barrel did you look for the one in the cellar of the gates after the cellar ?
I can't either find this manuscript.. Im sure im looking at the right place aswell. Hmm. It is the quest where u are suppose to lead these people thrue the sewers out to Reuven? I have looked everywhere from under the tavern where u start to the end... Any idea anyone?
i cant get in through the inn the door is closed...
I got Superior Beast Oil Manuscript out of there.
I searched everywhere from the cellar to the the end of the sewers and only found superior necrophage oil. It was not long after the "Now or Never" quest.
Found it in a box right after the exit from cellar
The picture posted by a previous poster was dead on. The easiest way to get to it is go into the inn in Hiearch Square in Novigrad, go through the door to the left of the band and to the right of the bar. Follow this room to a cellar and find the open grate, shown in the picture, that head to the sewers. The oil is RIGHT through that door in one of the containers. Unfortunately, I walked through the entire sewer until I came up to it.
Don't bother going into the sewers if you missed it during the quest. Enter through the Kingfisher, go past the Barkeep, and into the cellar. The manuscript is just before the ramp leading to the sewers.
CORRECTION* That was Superior *Necrophage*. And that one, I had gone back way after doing the original quest. Possible they are both down there and I just didn't keep looking once I found the Necrophage one cuz that was my goal at the time. Will Be testing if I can't find more info.
Guest is correct I just found it in that location
I just went back long after I did that quest. You can get into the sewers from the dock side. The manuscript is in a barrel right after you go into the sewer from the cellar of king fisher.
Nothing in the dungeon for me checked everything i think i got something different.
Thank u