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This happened for me 2x I would stand at the edge of the fog a little up the ramp and constantly use ignis. It hit him in the middle of the fog even though I was nowhere close.
I attempted this quest at lvl 6....dumb decision, I have spent the past 45 minutes shooting bolts at it from a distance
You could also use the Crossbow to kill him. It does little damage but you are nowhere in his reach and can therfore attack him freely without getting hurt.
One successful Aard hit and he's down instantly.



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Using Axii will reveal it from its ethereal (invisible) form and stun it for a few second. Using this and Rage Management skill makes you stun-lock it to its demise. Use Axii, land a three hit combo, back-step, use Axii, repeat (Also, you can drink Tawny Owl potion to increase Stamina recovery rate). Tested on Death March difficulty.
i mean axii vvvvv vvvvv v
how to beat him
I am level 7 fighting this at death march and this is impossible.