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The in game map does not really show you it's exact location. It is near No-Mans-Land, but more closer to the ever growing NIffgaard Empire. Vizima is closer to No-Mans-Land than White Orchard.
dont wanna spoil it for ya but u must do the 'crones of crookback bog' mission to complete the rest of the other mission to find the barons wife.
If you open your in-game map and zoom all the way out, that should show you what you're looking for.
Where is White Orchard in the Northern Realms?
Act I is huge with 3 huge maps to explore. I think I am gonna spend at least 40 levels just in Act I alone.
I don't know.
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go find the witch in midcopse my bad for spelling if it's wrong, but eventually shell send you to The Orphans of Crookback Bog area that is where she is
Go through the main story for the bloody baron , she's in the Orphans of Crookback Bog area in velen
witcher 3 three
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