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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page


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The Superior Oils should reduce the resistance of the enemy according to the xml files. Can somebody confirm this?
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Added alternate Superior Vampire Oil location to the page :)
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You're a godsend. Problem solved.
My poor poor itchy butt. For nearly a year now my plight has gone unnoticed. Fiends, ye all are.
Can we add that the Superior Vampire Oil can be found in abandoned distillery. I found it up the ladder where you find the mash and over the back structure onto the rock ledge. I tried the chest in the oxenfurt prison, however this wasn't until after I finished the related quest.
It would be really nice if some of these would also include what region/city to look in, instead of just "Cavern map marker"
Found another version of Superior Beast Oil ,in the secret passageway with lots of Flaming Rose from the quest From Ofier's Distant Shores (DLC)
Most of the oils can be purchased from the herbalist south or heirach square or germist or Keira mets
All I can tell you is that Ogroid is somewhere in Skellige, but I didn't notice when I found it.
I found the superior vampire oil during the "Now or Never" quest
If you kill keira can you not get the basic hybrid oil anywhere else?


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I have gone through and corrected every oil formula by comparing them with the most recent recipes in-game as of 1/7/2018. The only formula I was not able to consult was the Superior Ogroid Oil, as I have not yet collected that in-game. I have also re-ordered the ingredients under each formula to reflect the order in which they are presented in the in-game formulae. If you look at the page's revision history, I have provided details of each correction.
if i craft an oil, do they replenish themselves, or do i have to keep recrafting them? same with potions, bombs yes, but potions and oils?