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Does anyone know the location where it can be found?
Vampire oil can be purchased from the herbalist in Rannveig village in Skellige. Big thanks to Auron1987 on Gamefaqs for the answer.
Where on the bridge?
Vampire oil can actually be found for free by the Passiflora at St. Gregory's bridge in the northern section of Novigrad
Keira Metz sells it according to the page. Trouble is , in my game she left for Kaer Morhen quite some time ago.
also I have a problem I can not find it
I have a problem I cannot find the oil anywhere any tips please help me
The herbalist is no where to be found in my game, so do I have to save her from bandits or is there another location vampire oil may be found?
I Killed the herbalist on the cursed child mission by reversing the curse to her, now i don't know where to find it