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well i just got spoiled
So, I completed the sidequests to get ending 2, but didn't get it. What I did was start the snowball fight, trash the lab, and go with her to craven's grave. I didn't pay her dad a visit and I went in with her to see phillipa and friends. I got ending one, yes I sided with thaler and roche, yes I did all that, radovid's crazy *** died, etc.



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This page needs to be fleshed out. I'm still mid game because doing screenshots and such takes forever. If any of you guys can... please go head :)
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^ I suppose you must visit Emperor with Ciri to get ending 2
why would you read this? xD
i'm glad i got the first ending ^^
damn the dark souls 3 wiki is really in depth, the watcher 3 however is not.
why do we have dks wiki's icon here ?
i do not tolerate this heresy !