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Utter bull***** about them being needed to be crafted anew. They just got one charge and are refilled as normal potions are (via Alcahest from your inventory when you medidate.)
It should be noted that they DO NOT raise your toxicity level, but rather take up an amount of space on your toxicity bar. This means that decoctions cannot take advantage of certain skills in the alchemy tree (eg: delayed recovery, killing spree).
Added some formula from Novigrad book seller. Have most decoctions changed to 70 toxicity?
yeah ,All decoctions do take 70 toxicity but you can always increase your toxicity limit to 210 from your green skills tree.



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Mhm it may have changed since early copies then. Remember you can hit edit button and fix wrong info :)
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your explanation sucks. Why you are not being simple with your words.. hfffffff
Basilisk Decoction toxicity is actually 40