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It looks like a wonderful game to play, but the profanity is too much. Please have, a modder, or company make a language setting to remove profanity. That would make the game perfect for the rest of us. Thank you.
Your a boob.
You know what you don't like the profanity or the tits/sex scenes then don't play the *****. But let everyone else enjoy the game. The way it was meant to be played *****ing prude!
Or just make a dlc to bring back Yen, Triss and Ciri
Yea agreed. Would also be nice of them to make a mod where you can fix up the witchers castle Kaer Morhen and make it possible to find Yen, Triss and Ciri again after finishing the game...and damit ad more boobs
If you truly are offended by this title then be warned, you have been sheltered, and you don't know the world you live in! The days of chivalry are gone, now we are eating ourselves on a global scale..what are the events of the witcher compared to the most awful atrocities that are being committed here and now?? We need to wake up. The magic umbrella of denial is no longer working.
so should I download all the DLC before I even start witcher 3? and how does the New game+ work? ive already got a few hours of gameplay just wondering how to approach the DLC now
so should I download all the DLC before I even start witcher 3? and how does the New game+ work? ive already got a few hours of gameplay just wondering how to approach the DLC now
there is something like that on the system it's called parent control, least there is on the ps4 daaaaa. Plus why the hell would a parent buy a mature game for a kid anyways. I mean theres a reason why u have to be 18 or older to buy the game in the first place. It's an M rated game says so on the chase M for Mature dumb ***. that's right I said dumb *** u gonna report me *****er. Oh and guess what in a way thats how the real world was, wemen showing there boob, haveing sex, cussing at each other and yes cutting ppl's heads off. The *****ing parent of whoever bought the game should of known or unless there a dumb *** and SHOULDN"T let the kid play the game in the first place. And if this *****ing person as a problem or any other bumb *** here's my user name I use on my ps4 WhiteKnight472. And I'll *****ing tell u what's up
oh by the way the gta 5 has porn in it too. As will as the other gta games, to whoever u gonna *****ing go cry about those's games too. Oh heres another resident evil, fall out, sait rows, ***** I could go on.
Remove profanity? Might as well remove the game. War + monsters + ghosts + bandits everywhere, I'm sure people would try to keep their language clean while ignoring being eaten/kidnapped/slain/possessed/****/tortured/frozen/burnt/blown up/insulted/punched....
You have no problem killing things but if someone swears you cry foul. Read the books. Oh too much sex, drugs and swearing for you it seems.
Well that clearly wont happen, go play some Yoshi's island or something if your so against a little nudity and bad language
you are autistic
You are right it is a wonderful game, the best single player game I've played.

I too dislike profanity especially in games, and wish the developers (probably males with lots of testosterone, certainly not yet mature and wise) would wise up. The necessary sensitivity towards language that is suitable for a wider audience/market is what is needed. A profanity filter would be great, but possibly not technically possible for npc dialogue. I understand that the dialogue is probably realistic (expected to be heard from men on a battlefield), but a game needs some tempering.

Meanwhile, in order to play some of the best games available today (evidence of developers who are highly talented) we must tolerate quite a bit of unnecessary language. My hope for the future is for wiser heads making the final decisions about the level of profanity permitted.
guys i have a torrent version of the game (v1.02)
how do i install patch updates?
Step 1. Buy the game
Step 2. Enjoy
Buy the *****ing game you low life cheap *****.
whoever wrote this article ***** you
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