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I was slightly disappointed we couldn't crouch and sneak around while hunting monsters especially the ones that hear you and then ambush with reinfocements like humans or drowners in the bogs. Also navigating geralt around interiors can be a bit tricky and the control layout could of ben optimized. Dark souls and Bloodborne has optimized combat and player movment by making all attacks and paries/blocking shoulder and trigger buttons while O is dodge. Id of like to scene L3 and R3 incorporated better as he former being Sprint and the late being something else (not menu or use of items. Two things that aren't complainst but suggestions would be the addition of a photo mode cuz these new games WWitcher and Blodborne are beautiful and I hate removing the HUD for good screen shots and would like to pause to show off dynamic moments using a full fledged photo mode. Also it would be reall cool if theyd incorporated some other weapons like hatchet and smaller battle axes even silver hatchets and axes along with a Bow to choose instead of a cross bow as an option. Maybe one day we'll see a prequel called Witchers or something were we create or own witcher and give him his strengths and weakneses as well as what weapons he master in. This is the ultimate RPG in my opinion but the next step up is the one where we can create out character (even if its just presets of faces and a choice between two voice types like Inquisition)

Also one day well b able to crouch as well as climb (love that they made the world fully explorable) and use a variety of weapons. Perhaps CDproject red and Ubisoft hould caliberate on a game or Square enix and Cedprojekt red. Im glad they Have WBs backing as it seems they wherent pushed by there publisher. I salute Cdprojekt red as well.
"Id of like to scene L3 and R3 incorporated better" ***** YOU Witcher is a PC franchise
WAS PC franchise *****
not anymore guy
My L3 control doesn't seem to work to summon horse or travel?