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During the Quest "Wandering in the Dark", after Keira gives Geralt the Eye but before proceeding through the illusion in the small archway, backtrack to a cracked wall under a different archway at the opposite end of the same room, and blast it away with Aard.

Down a small set of steps, there is another illusion. Use the Eye and head into the water. There are 3 chests to loot underwater, but if you head left after swimming a short distance, there is a passageway that takes you up some steps and out of the water on the other side. Here you will find a final chest containing the sword and some common items. Beware of the Foglet that attacks when you first touch the chest.

I have experimented with the chest and discovered there are several variations of the sword possible to obtain. So, save before opening in case you're not satisfied with the first one you get. 161 has been the highest damage I've seen along with 7% intensity for the signs and 2% xp bonus.

I was level 5 at the time and the sword always level 4. Was a significant upgrade for me at such a low level. Not sure if obtaining the chest at a later time is even possible, or if the sword/loot inside would scale to higher levels.

I'm sure the underwater passage behind the illusion is mentioned elsewhere on the wiki, but the Maugrim Sword is the main reason for taking the passage in the first place, IMO, and since I came here to see what kind of stats I should be seeing on the sword, only to find that the one mentioned is level 11 with higher damage and similar bonuses, it seemed a good place to mention it.
this is a level 3 sword
162 for me on third try, 7% as well
level 2*
and... if you're exploring that cave, don't forget about the second secret area containing a purple place of power, and a second golem; it is a passage in the same room Kira finds the lamp, after the room with the 4 green braziers. Climb up a stone wall and there's a tunnel there.
176 for me. 7/7/2 lvl 6