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I have a headache trying to figure this out
Can i destroy the institute and keep curie happy
And i also don't want to be with the railroad
How can i just go bos
But keep her happy and romanceable
Hey, you can do a lot of side missions to gain her influence and then you should be good whichever path you take
Once you reach the highest affinity level, will your companion ever dislike what you do?
You have to complete danses quest line, meaning you have to side with the brotherhood
Can I still romance Danse after completing "Blind Betrayal?" I got the first flirt option before completing this quest, but now that I am done with it and have "admiration" from him, I can't seem to trigger any other flirt events no matter how many times I needlessly upgrade my weapons lol. Is it so that when you reach max affinity, it will stop telling you "Danse Loved/Liked that?"
Defeating enemies in combat alongside a companion also seems to increase affinity significantly (even equivalent to a "X loved that" event). You can verify this by using console commands to check your companion's affinity immediately before a battle, and then again after the battle.



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Yep. I romanced Piper, but when I stole something in front of her, the message said that she disliked it.
What, still here?
Hancock likes when you're naked. Not only does he comment happily about your outfit, you get the Hancock liked that notice. Doing psycho and fast traveling naked were how I maxed him super fast.
I believe it depends on what you do? (or who you do it to in my case?)

Previously, Piper disliked me trying to get more money out of quests. After maxing my relationship with her, she doesn't seem to mind now. Then again, maybe it was because I trying to extort more money out of that water kid in Diamond City lol...
Don't sweat dislikes that much. If your companion dislikes something you just did, go do something they like. If Danse dislikes that you stole that NukaMine that respawns in the road down from Kingsport Lighthouse, just go get into some power armor and all is well in his world again. Or better still, mod a gun and get a love, thereby canceling out the landmine theft and putting you essentially up one Like, ha.
u can check affinity level only by console command: "getav ca_affinity" but u need to check companion
Is there a way to see at what affinity is companion atm?
Having problems with maxing Danse, ive gain 15+ lvls trying to max him and seen "Danse liked that" msg more times then i can count but still not maxed.
To romance Danse, you have to complete Blind Betrayal, convince Maxson to spare him, return to the Prydwen to speak to Maxson, THEN go back and find him at the bunker and companion up again. You cannot romance him prior to completing these steps. You do not have to side with the brotherhood to complete this but you WILL have to stay on good terms with them which means that if you're companioned up with him, you need to avoid all BOS members or at least named ones like Kels, Rhys, etc. You can kill an unnamed one and he's ok with it, but if you kill a named one he hates it and immediately leaves you. If you become an enemy of the BOS, then Danse will reject you as a companion even though he's been ostracized from them.
I was caught breaking and entering while Nick was my companion, and he was at highest. Said he hated it and him, Piper who was my romance and all of Diamond City attacked me. I even had a key to the place.