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Had this quests for awhile now and drinking buddy does not have an option to deliver or keep for myself, he just stays in the basement saying the same 2-3 lines of chatter. Any ideas on how to fix this?
There are MANY ways this quest can glitch or break...
HERE is the fix on PC! Go to just OUTSIDE of Goodneighbor (do it inside and he will just go back out.) Open the console and type "0017429B.moveto player" (no quotes"".) That is the "REF ID" for him on my PC. Yours may vary. When he spawns, click on him and tell him you sold him to Rubins. He will go inside Goodneighbor and then to the Rexford Hotel, but stop at the front door. Click on him again and your character will say: "OK, let's head inside". Go inside and collect your money from Rubins.
Don't try any of the "other" transport codes (player.placeatme, etc.) in the console; you always received the error that it was not Buddy's "base ID". If you use a BASE ID, you'll only make "copies" of him and screw the game up even further.
(If you don't get the Ref ID by clicking on him in the console, open console and click on him and type "GSR" (without quotes) and ENTER. That is the acronym for "GetSelectedRef". Use THAT in the "moveto" code.)
If you are wearing power armor he won't respond.
I had the same problem I killed him and got like six Fusion Cores
I had the same problem I killed him and got like six Fusion Cores